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Secret Society Wellness

Signature CBD COllection

Positivity Lotion

CBD + Sandalwood + Chamomile

Upgrade your lotion with antiviral superpowers to keep your skin feeling fresh, soft, and moisturized.

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Everyday Wellness Oil

CBD + Tea Tree + Citrus

Our most versatile solution with natural antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that you can apply anywhere.

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Recovery Soak

CBD + Chamomile + Oregano

When you need a moment to yourself to rest, recharge, and recover your body and mind.

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Rescue Balm

CBD + Peppermint + Eucalyptus

The most convenient way to soothe irritation, cramps, and muscle soreness when you’re on the go.

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Lifesaver SPF Lip Balm

CBD + Lysine + Peppermint

Keep your lips feeling soft and hydrated while protecting them from cold sores and harsh weather.

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Secret Society Wellness CBD

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 300 mg

Our best selling tincture. CBD Oil is a customer favorite and provides the body with an array of the most effective cannabinoids.

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People Are Talking...

I loved all the products! I put some of the body oil and bath salts together and soaked in my tub while experiencing my first OB.


I loved the body balm! It helped calm me and soothe my OB.


So my husband uses the bath salts a lot. They actually give a nice aroma. He literally fell asleep in the tub 2x lol. For me, I use the oil every single day. I use it on my feet and other areas that tend to get dry the easiest.


24k Everyday Luxury Oil

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"Using the Secret Society Wellness products is my favorite way to calm anxiety, reduce the pain from herpes outbreaks and improve my overall wellbeing."

~Alexandra Harbushka