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Body Products

To apply or use everyday as needed, or when we feel an outbreak coming. Help our bodies relax and absorb the beneficial ingredients that help us keep herpes at bay.

Soothe Your Soul

Products without CBD can be used even by people who are for different reasons not allowed to use it (eg. military personnel)

For Your Mouth

Learn About Our Wellness Products For Herpes

Secret Society Wellness Products

After listening to the herpes community Alexandra Harbushka, founder of Life With Herpes,
sought out to create natural products to aid with herpes outbreaks.
With 2/3 people having HSV1 and 1/6 people having HSV2, herpes is
something that most everyone is dealing with and there are not many natural solutions.  

  • -- Lisa

    I loved all the products! I put some of the body oil and bath salts together and soaked in my tub while experiencing my first OB.

  • -- John

    I loved the body balm! It helped calm me and soothe my OB.

  • -- Katie

    So my husband uses the bath salts a lot. They actually give a nice aroma. He literally fell asleep in the tub 2x lol. For me, I use the oil every single day. I use it on my feet and other areas that tend to get dry the easiest.

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