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After listening to the herpes community Alexandra Harbushka, founder of Life With Herpes, sought out to create natural products to aid with herpes outbreaks. With 2/3 people having HSV1 and 1/6 people having HSV2, herpes is something that most everyone is dealing with and there are not many natural solutions.  


Alexandra Harbushka was diagnosed with HSV 1 in 2003 and HSV 2 in 2011, yep she has both. One day it dawned on her to share her story and hopefully support other people out there who are dealing with an HSV diagnosis. The worst part about having herpes is the stigma, but at the same time we don’t want to deal with those painful, pesky, tingly outbreaks.Thus, she began researching and finding herpes fighting ingredients to create products to support our community. 


It all began with the Lifesaver SPF Lip Balm. There are so many people dealing with recurring cold sore outbreaks and there is nothing else out there that can help nurture our lips and potentially help with preventing an oncoming herpes outbreak. And with that idea, the Lifesaver SPF Lip Balm was created in 2019. It was such a huge hit with raving returning fans that we continued to create additional products that are designed specifically for people living with herpes.

Our herpes-fighting products have all been uniquely formulated with essential oils that are known to support wound healing, have antiviral properties, are anti-inflammatory, support your mood, and nurture your skin.

Not wanting to leave anyone out, we also have the Soothe Your Soul Collection. This collection was designed with the intention to do more than just nourish your skin: it smells fresh mixed with a calming sensation to work as a gentle but powerful aromatherapy treatment that refreshes and relaxes your body and soul. These are daily lotions, soaps, and oils that have anti-aging, hydrating, and restorative properties that will leave you feeling calm, tranquil, and relaxed. Not to mention the natural sanitizing elements that are a result of the essential oils, it’s like a hidden bonus.

With that being said, if you don’t have herpes, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to miss out on these amazing products. They are really for everyone. You deserve great skin products that don’t compromise our health. The Secret Society Wellness products are your solution.

Also, did we mention that the Secret Society Wellness products are all natural and are here to support our overall skin health?

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