Herpes Outbreaks During Pregnancy

Herpes Outbreaks During Pregnancy

Taking care of our bodies and preventing outbreaks is a top priority, especially when we're expecting and wanting to protect our baby's health. Let me share a bit about my pregnancy journey. I underwent IVF treatments (and no, not because I have herpes) to conceive my baby, and fortunately, I didn't experience any outbreaks during the hormonal and IVF treatments. However, things changed in my second trimester when I started having a few outbreaks, and they persisted into my last trimester.

One of the most crucial steps I recommend is aligning with your doctor. Inform your doctor about your herpes condition and work together to create a birth plan. Keep them updated on your outbreak status or any changes you experience. Communication is vital for both your well-being and your baby's health.

When it comes to using antivirals during pregnancy, it's a personal decision that requires thorough consideration and research. As I'm not a doctor, I can't provide specific recommendations, but I can encourage you to conduct your own research. Personally, I chose not to take antivirals until around week 35 or 36. I believed that if I couldn't eat a turkey sandwich, it might be best to avoid putting antivirals in my body. However, every individual should explore the available information and make an informed choice based on what feels right for them.

In managing outbreaks naturally during pregnancy, I found tea tree oil to be helpful. Although I didn't take lysine orally due to limited research on its safety for pregnant mothers, you can talk to your doctor and possibly use it topically in salves or lotions. My approach involved mixing tea tree oil with coconut oil and applying it directly to the outbreak, which later led to the creation of our Everyday Wellness Oil. It's worth noting that during the last trimester, when stress levels are typically higher, I experienced consecutive outbreaks, which is a common occurrence.

Remember, pregnancy is a temporary phase, and it's essential to prioritize what feels right for your body and your baby.

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