Rising Strong: National Get Up Day and the Resilience of the Human Spirit

Rising Strong: National Get Up Day and the Resilience of the Human Spirit

“We all fall. It’s how we get up that matters.” This powerful mantra, inspired by the world of ice skating, resonates deeply with the essence of National Get Up Day, celebrated on February 1. Conceived by U.S. Figure Skating in 2016, this motivational campaign is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who face adversity and rise above it.

A Symbolic Connection to Ice Skating: National Get Up Day draws inspiration from the world of ice skating, where falls are not just inevitable but integral to the learning process. “Get Up is about being fearless in the face of falling,” according to the U.S. Figure Skating Association (USFSA). Like figure skaters, we all encounter moments of stumbling, whether on the ice or in the journey of life. The campaign honors the determination to rise after a fall.

From the Ice Rink to Life’s Challenges: For many of us, the metaphorical ice rink is not limited to a sport but extends to the challenges life throws our way. In my case, ice skating was not just a pastime; it was my sport, my passion. I've felt the sting of the ice, experienced the pain of falling, and had to nurse my knees and my pride. It's a journey that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of facing a herpes diagnosis.

Getting Up After a Herpes Diagnosis: Receiving a herpes diagnosis can feel like an unexpected fall on the unforgiving ice of life. The emotional bruises, the uncertainty, and the fear of judgment create a unique set of challenges. Drawing parallels to my ice skating experiences, I understand the pain and the necessity of getting up. What's remarkable is that, just like on the ice, nobody can get up for you. You must find the strength within yourself to rise.

The Power of Self-Rescue: In the face of emotional trauma, it's essential to recognize that you hold the power to rescue yourself. Nobody else can skate your journey, heal your wounds, or lift you from the ice. This self-rescue is an empowering realization that, although the zamboni of life may be on its way, you can take charge of your narrative.

One Step at a Time: If you find yourself lying on the metaphorical ice, overwhelmed and frozen, consider taking one small step at a time. Reflect on one thing you can do today to help yourself get up. Whether it's buying flowers that bring a smile, practicing a calming breathing exercise, connecting with a supportive community like the Secret Society, or simply finding solace in the company of a furry friend, each step is a stride toward healing.
As we learn about National Get Up Day, let it serve as a reminder that, just like in ice skating, falling is not a sign of failure but an opportunity to rise stronger. Embrace the challenges, recognize your inner strength, and take those first steps toward getting up. The ice may be cold, but the warmth of resilience and self-love will guide you through. You are not alone on this journey; you have the power to rise, skate forward, and create your own narrative of strength and triumph.

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